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Mahipatram Rupram Ashram - Orphanage in Gujarat

Mahipatram Rupram Ashram - Ahmedabad

A Profile

Established on a humanitarian ground for more than a century ago,the Mahepatram Rupram Ashram is one the largest and the oldest orphanages in the country.The ashram was founded on December 17th 1892 in sacred memory of a great social reformist Late Mahipatram Rupram Nilkanth.Started on a small footing at panchuva with only seven inmates,it flourished over the years into a large institution and has grown into a huge monlith humming with multifarious activities,mainly working as a protective institute for deserted women and orphaned children who are given shelter and training for future independent life.The trust was registered under Societies Registration Act(1949) and Public Charitable Trust Act F/45 (1953)

The ashram was shifted on August 18,1899 to its present spacious premises through the efforts of many dedicated workers and support of the generous donors.The history and growth of Ashram revel relentless efforts,vision and commitment of some the pioneering personalities who have placed ashram on the forefront of our society.

The ashram has become the true symbol of motherly care,affection and protection bringing hope and happiness to thousands of rejected and miserable women and childrens.

It is matter of pride for the ashram that our national swalwarts such as Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel paid their esteemed visit to the ashram.

Over the years the ashram has gained its name and reputation as a welfare institution.The dedicated services of the staff were duly recognized by the government of gujarat,for its best performance in this area.

The ashram was awarded the state's “Child Welfare Award” for the year 1986.The award consisted of cash prize of Rs 25,000 as well as a certificate of merit.

The Ashram again added a new feather to its cap by getting a Certificate Of Excellence for its most commendable activity in the field of the Welfare of Destitute women in 1991 by government of gujarat.The award consisted of Rs 1,00,000/-

Aims and Objective

The ashram was founded with following Aims and Objectives :-

1.To protect,to nurse and to bring up new born children and infants abandoned by society and to provide them shelter till they become major.

2.To provide facilities to the helpless,blind,lame and handicapped children,subject to accomadation and finance help with ashram.

3.To rescue,protect and give psychological support to the rejected,homeless and exploited women of the society and their children

4.To provide facilities for secret deliveries and give shelter to pregnant maidens who have become victims of circumstances.

5.To give shelter to deserted women and widows till they need support and to impart to them training in some occupational skill so that they become self supporting.

6.To look after various other needs of children and to engage them in creative activities.

7.To establish,run and maintain educational institutions and other centers of vocational training for progress and development of the inmates of the Ashram.


In order to fulfill the aim and objectives and to ensure smooth running,the ashram has following sections :

1.Foundling Home

2.Kanya Gruh

3.Kumar Gruh

4.Preventive and Rescue Sections


1.Training in Arts and Crafts is given to develop creativity in childrens.The ashram runs its own classes in sewing and embroidary,sculpture and pottery,Paper craft and clay work.

2.Health Related Activities are conducted with an aim to keep the inmates physically fit and healthy.Training in atheletics,karate and yoga are imparted from time to time.A visiting doctor conducts physical check-up regularly.The asrhram covers entire expenditure of the inmates in case of their serious illness and hospitalization.The services of pediatrician,physiotherapist,gynaechologist are taken on regular basics.

3.The world of entertainment is seperately provided for the recreation of the childern espcially infants who can spend hours in the colorful world of toys and games.For the benefit of the elderly childrens TV and Video shows are regularly screened to provide entertainment and education.

4.Cultural Activities such as dance,drama and group songs with childerns participations are oragnised from time to time.All important religious,social and national festivals are celebrated with enthusiasm.Small trips and pinics are arranged and patron organizations also promote these activities

5.Academic Activities were started by the ashram in campus itself,keeping in mind the protection as well as academic needs of the inmates.Pre-Primary,Primary,Secondary and Higher Secondary schools were started for the ashram inmates as well as for other social deprived children.The G.C Girls High School has achieved the rare distinction of winning the Award for Best School(1991-92) and its ex-principal Smt.Sudhaben Doshi has been awarded Best Principal.Considering the growing needs of the Girls for higher education,the Ashram has established a college for girls namely M.P.Arts and M.H Commerce College for Woman.In 2004 the college was awarded B+ by NAAC.The school and college have a spacious library with a huge reading room where the students can avail themselves of books from various disciplines and read them without outside disturbances.The library had more then 50,000 books to its credit.

6.Two computer labs are run by the college and the school for girl students to prepare them to new challenges of New Millenium and to train them in primary and advanced computer technology.

7.Adoption programme of the ashram is an activity of pride and prestige.Many orphan children are happily settled in society.Registered under the Adoption Act of Govt.Of India,the ashram is an officially acknowledged agency for in-country and inter-country adoptioon programmes.The ashram has provided protection and family warmth to many children in india and abroad from all over the world.Regular reports are being sent by the adoptive parents about the growth and progress of adopted childrens

8.By Organizing Marriages of young girls who desire matrimonial life,the ashram performs a worthy duty of parent institution.Under the specific rules set by government,the ashram conducts marriages of the girls providing them with substantial financial and social protection.The selection of candidates is made after through scrutiny such as physical check up and an inquiry into their social,financial,cultural and academic background.Many girls have been happily married by Ashram.They all are well settled with their respective families.In case of any discord with their spouse the Ashram takes up full responsibility of their maintenance of the woman who desire to return to Ashram.

Contact Details

MahiPatram Rupram Ashram
O/S Raipur Gate,Ahmedabad – 3800 22
Phone : 91 – 79 – 25454007
Fax : 91 – 79 – 25453761
Email : mrashram@yahoo.com

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